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Find lasting relief by resolving your health problem today

Are you having an abdominal issue but getting mixed opinions?  
Can no one find the root cause of your medical problem?

Over the years our practice has helped many patients suffering from abdominal issues/pain for days, months, or even years. They were undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or simply receiving mixed opinions by physicians. We have helped countless patients obtain an accurate diagnosis and reach full resolution of their symptoms.
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Second Opinion – Medical Consultation

In-depth, personalized consultation intended for individuals with complex non diagnosed or unresolved abdominal issues/abdominal pain. Dr. Patching will perform a comprehensive medical history and physical exam, and recommend your next steps towards care. Often this involves continued care with Dr. Patching, other times Dr. Patching uses his 38+ years’ experience and his extensive medical network to recommend your next best course of action.

Symptoms you may be having:
• Stomach pain
• Chronic Nausea
• Other Gastrointestinal Issues

What do I receive during the consultation:
• Thorough physical exam
• In depth medical history
• 2nd opinion & plan for next steps

White Glove Service:
Speed: We will get you in within 10 days and often times even sooner. We understand time is of the essence
Precision: We have helped hundreds of patients find the cause to their health problem to provide full resolution to their symptoms
Experience: Leveraging 30+ years’ experience

Access: Our network of medical professionals in advanced specialties:
• Gastrointestinal
• Cardiovascular

If you need more specialty outside of Dr. Patching’s expertise, he will leverage his network to not only get you the referral you need but often get you in much sooner

Duration: 60 Minutes

Price: $750

Book your 2nd Opinion Consultation today. Please notify the scheduler you are booking the ‘2nd Opinion Consultation,’ so we can get you in as soon as possible.

More Information:
•The 2nd Opinion Consultation is not covered by insurance. Insurance often dictates and specifies care Doctors are to perform. In order to guarantee the highest level of personalized, in-depth care this is only available through self-pay
•We cannot guarantee a differentiated diagnoses or a full resolution to your symptoms. We can guarantee a very in depth consultation and honest opinion of your health issue.