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Bariatric Surgeon, Hernia Surgeon & Gallbladder Surgeon located in Sacramento, CA and serving patients from El Dorado Hills, Folsom and Northern California

The Patching Surgical Protocol
Faster Recovery & Virtually Pain Free Surgery
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Dr. Patching realized many patients were fearful of surgery. This is why he researched the best modalities and put them together in a way that creates a much better experience for the patient. This protocol is a 4-pronged approach Dr. Patching employs with each surgery.
*Each surgical plan is customized to each individual based on in depth medical history. Not every surgery will utilize every prong if it is not best for the patient. 
“I have to be honest, I was quite fearful going into surgery. However, Dr. Patching answered all my questions and explained in detail the approach he was going to take. I am not sure if it was his calm demeanor, or knowing how experienced he is, but I felt much more comfortable about my surgery after speaking with him. But, I have to say, I was still shocked how I felt after my surgery. Only days after my Hernia operation I had to remind myself I actually had surgery. I believe his approach to surgery is what made this such a pain free experience! Thanks to him, I no longer am full of fear if I ever need another operation in the future.”

-Janet Laylin


Advanced Recovery After Surgery

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Maximizes patient care preop & post operatively, thereby decreasing complications & speeding recovery. Factors we focus on:

•Enhanced patient education
•Decreasing the fasting time before surgery
•Optimal surgical approach
•Minimizing narcotic use
•Optimizing IV fluids given during surgery
•Earlier return to eating/nutrition

Nerve Blocks

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Pre surgical numbing agents utilized pre surgery to decrease pain significantly after surgery

Anesthesiologists inject the nerves providing sensation to the area that is to be operated on. This is performed about 30 min before the patient goes back to surgery. If done before the surgery starts, the patient experiences a dramatic decrease in the amount of discomfort they experience after the surgery, thereby minimizing the needs for narcotics, leading to a quicker, healthier recovery.


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Dr. Patching was the first surgeon in California to perform a laparoscopic operation using the Intuitive Xi robot in 2014. He was the first surgeon at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento to perform general surgery cases utilizing the robotic technology. He has partnered with Intuitive Surgical Corporation in the development of the revolutionary Intuitive Surgical Single Port technology, as part of the team refining the robotic function in Sunnyvale, California. Dr. Patching has received the highest honors in receiving SRC Robotic Surgery Center of Excellence.

*Da Vinci Xi
Intuitive's most advanced instrumentation, vision and features such as integrated table motion. The da Vinci Xi is versatile and flexible, with setup automation and guidance that promotes OR efficiency. It provides multi-quadrant access and is used for a variety of complex procedures.
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Why robotic over conventional surgery?

With robotic surgery, there is not a machine operating on you. The robot is simply an interface between the surgeon and the surgical instrument, allowing for more precise movements and it allows the surgeon to see in 3 Dimensions (depth of field), not simply 2 dimensions as seen on typical TV screens. In addition, with the technology’s unique engineering it leads to less pain than what is typically experienced with standard laparoscopic surgery. When robotics is used, most major surgeries allow the patient to be discharged from the hospital in less than a day.

Book an appointment with us today to see if this advancement is applicable to any general surgical issue you or your family may have.
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Pioneers Most-Advanced Surgical Robot in California
Dr. Steve Patching, first Surgeon in California to complete surgery using Advanced Robotics
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operation room
How we minimize pain and 
reduce your recovery time
• Substantial decrease in pain
• Minimal scarring ( ¼“ Incisions)
• Minimizing need for narcotics
• Less time in the hospital
• Rapid recovery
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3rd Center in the world
Steve Patching MD was the 3rd center in the world to report on the laparoscopic resection of gastric tumors to the International Congress, New Technology and Advanced Techniques in Surgery, The European Association for Endoscopic Surgery, June 11-17, 1995, Luxembourg.
Dr. Patching completed his General Surgery residency in 1985, at the University of California, Davis Medical Center. In the early 1990s a few centers around the world started to pioneer a new technology, advanced laparoscopic surgery, making it possible to complete major surgery through tiny ¼” incisions with small diameter scopes and instruments. This revolutionary advance greatly reduced pain, length of hospitalization, and led to rapid return to work and normal physical activity. It also reduces surgical complications.

Being intrigued by this advancement, Dr. Patching completed one of the first advanced laparoscopic Fellowships in the world, with Dr. Bernard Dallemagne, in Liege, Belgium, 1993. When he returned to Sacramento, he started one of the first advanced laparoscopic centers on the west coast. He performed one of the first operations in the world that removed a stomach tumor using a strictly laparoscopic technique and presented this technique to The International Congress, Advanced Techniques in Surgery, in Luxembourg, June of 1995.
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Dr. Patching’s center, NORCAL Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, was able to offer patients the ability to have most complex abdominal operations performed with this minimally invasive approach. He specializes in complex advanced laparoscopic operations, and can perform almost any operation a patient requires in the abdomen using 1/4-1/2” incisions.

Advancing minimally invasive operations further, he started the general surgery robotic program at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento and was the first surgeon in California to complete a robotic operation using the Intuitive Surgical Xi robot in 2014.